Century Terminal

Century Terminals is a wholly owned entity of Century Asphalt, Ltd.  The Terminal sits on 17 acres adjacent to Cedar Bayou and the Houston Ship Channel.  The facility was opened in the Spring of 2011 and its sole purpose is to procure and warehouse bulk quantities of liquid asphalt binders to supply the Century Asphalt network of 16 Hot Mix Asphalt production facilities throughout Texas.

The Terminal has a combined storage capacity of 570,000 bbl.’s.  Primary storage consists of ten 54,000 bbl tanks.  Secondary specialty products storage includes two 5,000 and two 10,000 bbl tanks.  All tanks are interconnected and have redundant piping equipment.

Additionally, we have an automated polymer modified asphalt (PMA) production facility which includes two 300HP Siefer Mills, three 4,000 gallon mix/milling tanks, polymer addition system, four 35,000 gallon product “let down” tanks and liquid suspension cross linker addition equipment.

Century’s state-of-the-art facility has 24 hour truck automated load out system with two active scale positions.  All tanks, piping and pumps are heated by hot oil utilizing a combination of three 9.96 MBTU multi-fuel heaters.  There are two independent 20 rail car unloading positions for a total of 40 rail unloading slots.  The Terminal has water access to the Houston Ship Channel and Gulf of Mexico.  All tanks are connected to the dock for barge unloadings through approximately 2500 feet of heated piping.

Security attributes include complete internal 8ft fencing topped with barbed wire, external iron gate fencing at the entrance and 26 closed circuit recording cameras.  The Terminal is equipped with office space, an asphalt testing laboratory, polymer storage, welding shop and equipment garage storage.

If you are interested in supplying liquid asphalt via barge, rail or truck, please contact:

Bill Lee, PhD – Terminal Manager


Dual Scale Truck Load Out

24 Hour Truck automated truck load out system consists of two active scale positions.

PMA Blending Facility

Polymer Modified Asphalts are becoming more important to asphalt pavement designs given the growing traffic counts and traffic loadings on Texas pavements.  Century modifies base asphalts to meet the Performance Grade Binders 70-22 and 76-22 product.

Barge Cargo Delivery

Access to waterborne cargoes of bulk liquid asphalt are critical to meet the robust supply demand of Century’s network of HMA facilites.  Century accepts brown water and river barge cargoes with drafts not to exceed 15′.  The Terminal’s water access to the Houston Ship Channel opens up supply options across the Gulf of Mexico via the inter-coastal water way system as well as the Mississippi River.

Rail Cargo Delivery

Century Terminal has rail connectivity and service by both the Union Pacific Rail Road and Burlington Northern Sante Fe Rail Road.  The Terminal has 40 rail car storage and steaming slots.  Connectivity to two class 1 rail road companies connects Century Terminal to all U.S. rail capable refineries producing asphalt bottoms or equivalents.