Asphalt Manufacturing / Production.

Century operates 16 hot mix asphalt production facilities in Texas.  Our geographic footprint covers Houston / Austin / San Antonio / Laredo / Corpus Christie and all locals between.   Please visit the facility map to find a location near you.

The Century team knows that no aspect of highway construction has more relevance to the public than a smooth riding surface.  Adherence to exact tolerances, proper design of paving material, and consistent quality control are essential for meeting the ride standards that the public expects and deserves.

94% of Americas roadway surfaces are constructed with an asphalt based paving material.  Century excels in both traditional dense graded pavement applications as well as specialty pavements such as Thin Overlay Mixes, Permeable Friction Courses (PFC), Stone Matrix Asphalt and many more.  Additionally, we offer specialty pre-coated graded aggregates for seal coats as well as cold mix products.

The Sales Team at Century Materials stands eager to assist you on your next paving project.  Give the men and women of Century a call today!  You will not be disappointed.