Century Asphalt Materials™ is the leading supplier of Hot Mix Asphalt in Southeast Texas.  All of our materials are sampled and tested daily in our very own state of the art lab facility in Houston, TX staffed with the most qualified personnel in the asphalt industry.  Century operates 10 hot mix asphalt plants and one concrete crushing plant located throughout Houston and the Hill Country of Texas.  We stand ready to supply any and all of your hot mix paving needs.  Our commitment to only producing quality asphalt paving mixtures coupled with our strength in plant population in the region allows Century to be your preferred Hot Mix Asphalt supplier.  Below is our product line:


  • Dense Graded Mix
  • Commercial “D”
  • PFC (OGFC)
  • Commercial Black Base
  • SMA
  • Airport P 401
  • Bond Breaker
  • Asphalt Sand
  • Super Pave
  • RBL
  • Asphalt Stabilized Base
  • Port of Houston Mix



  • Coated GR 3/4 SAC A Pre Coat
  • Uncoated GR 3/4 SAC A Aggregates
  • Coated GR 3/4 SAC B Pre Coat
  • Uncoated GR 3/4 SAC B Aggregates



  • Crushed Concrete Base
  • Crushed Limestone Flex Base
  • 3”x5” Bull Rock
  • Bank Sand
  • Oversize Rip Rap
  • Asphalt Aggregate
  • Scrap Shell Base
  • Gravel Screenings



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